Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Infinite Summer

David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest has been on my bookshelf for about a decade, unread. I've wanted to read it, but never had the ambition to tackle all 1,079 pages. And then Wallace dies last year, thereby ruining my hopes of ever running in to him in a local Appleby's and asking him if reading his novel is really worth my time ...

Enter "Infinite Summer," an online group read project that divides the novel into approximately 15 weeks of reading (75 pages or so per week), which is very do-able for me (given all the other stuff I'm currently reading). Coupled with a website, a message board, a Facebook page, and an XML feed, it's the perfect opportunity to read this book within an online community and discuss accordingly. Plus, a few colleagues and friends are thinking about joining in on the reading, too.

Many thanks to my friend Ilene for sharing this with me! I look forward to starting this in a couple of weeks.


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